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As I always say, Geneva is the most mysterious city I’ve ever lived in. Only few days ago a friend and I were talking and he suggested this nice place for burgers that just opened a new shop nearby by the Train Station ‘ Cornavain’. I took note, and wondered how in  7 years such good address escaped my sight… at the first opportunity I got (neither Nico or I wanted to cook) I suggested him to go have a look at the Holy Cow

I was a bit nervous because you never know the kind of surprise you can find here, and Nico being so hungry wasn’t really the hour to take these kind of risks.

When he got back home with the take-out bag he seemed rather happy and eager to try them (uuff thank god!)…and just by looking at the wrapping (recycled material, branded sticker…) my expectations went higher all of the sudden…

I got the bacon advocate! Yummy!!

The fries are home made, fresh and of excellent quality. The meat was properly seasoned for each kind of sandwich (Nico ordered the Spanish one which was it was spicy) the size is worth the extra francs you would pay in comparison to the fast food chains and the service is very friendly.

In conclusion: I could not even manage to take a picture of the burger untouched!

Sorry it was too tempting….

The only negative aspect is they don’t open on Sundays!!! Exactly the lazy day when these pieces of heaven would come most in hand…still I strongly recommend the place. The Holy Cow has many address between Geneva and Laussane check it out in their very funny and colourful website http://holycow.ch/locations