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When the fall season comes and the sunny days are exchanged by long grey chilli days, there is always a good excuse to go and re visit my favourite tea rooms like the one in Annecy like mentioned in my previous post  Carine Veyrat never stops the continuos search to make delicious pastries which can make it a difficult choice…

Nonetheless I couldn’t stop myself and choosing ‘La Religeuse a la Violete’ coming from Venezuela flower tasting desserts have always intrigued me…

Like a giant profiterole, La Religeuse a la Violete had the perfect savoury flavour without being too sugary…

Cappuccino a la Savoyarde

I enjoy every season because each period of the year has its magic and autumn comes with that need for ‘hot beverages’ which usually lead to pleasant surprises like these!

Mean time it was a great opportunity to catch up on the progress of what the prestigious chef Marc Veyrat is up to, and it sounds like next spring 2013 we will be able to go up to the French Alps to enjoy the fantastic eco friendly, gastronomic project he is currently working on!

For the time being you can pass by his gourmet shop next to the Tea Room and get yourself surprised by the excellent products he and his Team constantly discover and put together for our pleasure.