b com brasserie, b com barbie?!? jaja love this logo!

Being a new Mom has may challenges (lack of sleep, loss of self awareness, total re organisation of your life) but I guess the most complicated one has been the ‘Stay at Home’ item which is really something totally new for me…

Nonetheless, and thanks to Nico who knows I need some time out, he always finds a way to make a little ‘Promenade’ or a quick dinner here and there…This time was the occasion to go and have a sneak peek of a recently opened bistro in the French Village of Archamps named ‘b com brasserie‘ we were very curious since the place was built from scratch to host the restaurant in an incipient commercial zone where nothing was really ‘happening’ before.

The place, a huge but nicely organised open space, is modern and cozy at the same time. It has a children area with toys and a flat screen with cartoons, it is very family oriented but also a nice ‘first date’ place, it has a open kitchen and the spirit made me think of the nice place of Rue Le Bec in Lyon.

View of the open kitchen

Nice menu. I hope they would bring new things often…

The food is very fresh and worth the prices, the menu is not very sophisticated but dishes are tasty with good ingredients and nice presentation… We had a crispy salad with its Chévre Chaud Croustillant…

Cocotte d’agneau façon tajine, Légumes Confits

Rôti de Volaille Fermière de Beaumont au Bacon et Foie Gras

My favourite was the dessert (sorry guys I lost track of time and forgot to take the pic) freshly made waffles with hot chocolate sauce and home made Chantilly.

If I had only one wish for this place, would be that They add some brunch menu on Sundays it would be just perfect after of before going to the local market…


Tél. +33 (0)450 31 23 23
300 route de Collonges
74160 Archamps