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Being a first time Mum in a foreign country, far from your family and with a total different culture could be kind of scary. You fear getting lost in translation more than ever and although I am 100% Venezuelan but happy with my globe trotter life, it is the first time I really felt a little bit home sick mostly because the private health system in my country is excellent and very ‘maternal’ to put it in a way…

Although I had my mandatory ‘What to expect, when expecting’ spanish version of the famous book and an expert guide on how to raise babies from a famous French author named Ruffo. Still, I had this huge hole in my head and heart thinking this ‘baby project’ was becoming beyond challenging…I guess my boyfriend sensed it and forced me to go to one of those Pre-Natal trainings (although he just came only once!) in a very prestigious clinic in Geneva The General Beaulieu which is making a break through in the ‘Maternity Sector’.

The Training is composed of 4 sessions (one session per week), unfortunately only in French (which can be challenging in a city full of foreign ladies!) And it goes from how the anaesthesia (Peridural) is applied -so very technical- to breastfeeding advice and exercises to deal with the pain during pregnancy and contraction time!

It is of great help and it really allows you to put yourself more or less in the right state of mind prior the baby birth but if you are going for a natural one, nothing will prepare you for that! jajaja…

The Team at the Clinique is very nice, I later learned that you can have the same kind of course at the HUG-Maternity and at the Clinique des Grangettes too…it will also depend where you intend to deliver and the kind of insurance you have chosen.

Don’t forget to book in advance ( around the 28th week) it gets crowed everywhere!

Ill leave you with some pictures I took during the different sessions…

Fathers are encouraged to accompany their partners to the sessions, mine came only once because I found disturbing some of the subjects how my uterus and placenta and all that stuff can really kill the magic in a couple…as they have ‘men stuff’ delivering was for me a pure ‘women momentum’…of which I will write in a new post!

Exercises to get familiar with the breastfeeding pillow and the swiss ball REALLY helps during the last weeks to reduce pain in your hips..

It is soathing to share your experiences with others that are going through the same path. I took it kind of late so I was the one closer to the dead line but I still crossed a twins carrying Mom at the maternity (whom delivered a bit early)

View of one of the delivery rooms, they make a Tour of the clinic and you get the chills when facing ‘delivery’ is imminent!

View of a semi-private room…very swiss style!


Clinique General Beaulieu

20, Chemin Beau-Soleil

CH-1206 Geneve

Tel. 022 839 55 55