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Today, December 6th St. Nicolas day was the official opening of the newest addition of the famous chain La Durée in Switzerland, this time including the Tea Room concept.
The venue seemed perfect to celebrate @nmgeneva onomastic, and as we drove (and struggled to find a parking spot nearby) we were already dreaming of having the magnificent Omelette a la truffe that we usually have in Paris…it is cold, rush hour on a Thursday evening and we also wonder if we would find a table in the place….
In a very pedestrian area nearby the banking/lawyer district of Geneva we found this Nano (mini) version of Tea Room, with its appealing window display and luxurious patisserie and worldwide known Macaroons.
Decorated in deep blue with extravagant yet chic chairs the little place, yes I insist on the size because now with a baby I think of where to place the stroller have some space and privacy to have the kind of discussion you would held while enjoys a wonderful Josephine Tea….
We were lucky because due to the novelty the place was empty, so once settled I ordered a bouchée de Ma. Antoinette which as usual did not disappointed. An exquisite combination of flavors roses, litchi and raspberries in a white chocolate/pâte d’amande case made me forget for a second the fact the shop does not serve any salty hot meals so it remains as another patisserie place like many others in town, well of course much more chic and with a nice service…
Yet when the note came in as they were about to close at 19 on a Thursday night, the nice discussion that we just have started did come to an end with a no so sweet taste when we saw the extravagant price…

It remains an excellent addition to the town but as all good things a consommer avec moderation!

Maison La Durée
60, Rue du Stand