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In my quest of developing a serious knowledge of gastronomy I feel it is my duty to go back to the places I visit from time to time to check that my comments and reviews are still valid, or just because I like the place and it is always a pleasure to re visit some of my favourite dishes…

In some cases the surprise is bad, that is the case of my last dinner in Olio where at first glance you see they have changed the room’s chairs (for back yard plastic ones!) but it got more frightening when discovering that Chef Pietro Amato has left and somebody from the original team is now directing the kitchen.

For a moment I thought it was just my imagination or that I was exaggerating but as the dinner went through, the poor service and the over simply dishes confirmed my fear…The Design did leave the room!

So why is it bad?

Simply because the level of the dishes is not the same, yet they keep charging the same prices! The ingredients are still of considerable quality but refinement and excitement in the menu are gone!

It is still a good place to eat but no longer a gastronomic address in Geneva…