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As you know the Carnival although has Catholic origin it has turned into something less spiritual and more ‘Carnal’ over the years, even more if you come from a neighbour country of Brazil the tradition goes more around the partying and the disguising and the escaping to the beach…

Since Switzerland is a Protestant country I had to make a private Carnival and Julien was more than ready to play the game, for the 2013 we chose a super hero: Batman, mostly because H&M makes crazy pyjamas that are easy to use and my younger brother had the same kind of costume when we were little and my mother used to struggle to get him out of it even weeks after the party was over!!

Ron decided to join last minute as the canine Robin and we did a little dance so J had the most approximate Venezuelan Carnival possible…But the most important part was the fun we had dressing him up and taking the pics!