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Cupcakes&thecity As I always say, you can live in Geneva for decades and still be surprised to find out things or places that curiously have been there for ages but that for some reason you have missed.

That is the case of the Cupcakes & The City, How did I missed this before? Probably because of it’s discrete location in the Eaux-Vives Cartier. Still I was very happy when tasting some of their fabulous creations, they do also specialized in Personalized Cakes and Cheese Cakes (Citron and Oreo)….

They have a great number of flavors and they mix the american concept with a French flair, specially in the frosting  so they will please all crowds even those picky ones!


The Red Velvet is impeccably executed and the ‘Carambar’ (Salty Caramel) is very tasty and technically remarkable. They are all Good!!

Cupcakes & The City also offers a very nice and fun ‘Cupcake Atelier’ which does not focus on learning cooking techniques but on spending a pleasant time playing with Pate d’Amande, candy, sugar and somebody special of your choice. It can be ‘Kids’ or Adults only, minumin a group of 2. You have to book in advance, it is possible on Tuesdays and Satrudays…

So I took my favorite Kid! Vanessa (She is kind of a pastry expert herself)  to try this Atelier (J is my favorite baby!!) and we had a super Girl’s afternoon. The owner herself host it, she is very nice and the service is very ‘personal’…


Play time!! So many choices… we opted for an Easter theme…


Explanation of how to work out the ‘pate d’amande’…in love with that Hot Pink…


So much candy! Luckily we got just a selection!!


Beautiful designs created by Vanessa…


Frosting time!!


We had the cakes done by the chef in fruit rouges, vanilla and Nutella yummy!!


Our master piece! jajaja we had so many decor we really did not know what to do… so we started eating it!!


J came to inspect the work done by the girls…

IMG_0405The experience goes up to decorating your own take out box!

We had a great time, and although we did pretty amazing we still went home with an additional six-pack of those little cakes…

For orders and booking:


rue Henri-Blanvalet 12 • tél. +41 22 700 28 43 • commande@cupcakesandthecity.ch