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One of the things I always forget is how wired it feels when you spend a traditional celebration outside of your natural cultural context.

As a new mom, this was my first Mother’s Day and in consequence I had to face the fact that I was awake before everybody, that I suck at waiting and pretending to not know what is going on, and let everybody else run the agenda for a celebration I have organised for others far too many years…

So I guess, my poor Nico had a challenging time since I have pretty specific Venezuelans concepts of what Mother’s day is about and him not being my father ( with whom I planned and executed many celebrations for my mother) or Venezuelan made it a whole new experience!

After a nice brunch home, we went out to the  MAH museum and had a wonderful Tea time at his restaurant Le Barocco known for its exquisite and incredible fresh cakes and cookies and then walked through some of its collections which became an exciting adventure for babyJ. Later on I wanted to thank the Lord for such blessing so we went to the late afternoon service at the St. François de Sales where we also Baptised babyJ.

It amazes me how each single family can for many different reasons start their own tradition so spontaneously.

It was indeed a very special 1st Mother’s Day!

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The best Carrot Cake in town!!


Red Carpet to Motherhood!


Picasso, one of the few pieces which grabbed J’s attention…


A little break from the Mass since he was pfffgrregppfffgrs!! the Priest’s speech…(no comments! jajaja)