It is difficult to keep a blog when so many things are happening at the same time of a simple human being, in this case me…that is why I have put together some pictures that summarise why I have been so far from my personal desk sharing with you (yes I am old fashion, so I can’t get inspired on the bus or before to sleep..I need my desk and my gadgets to be able to write up!)

2013 has been a year full of emotions and unexpected challenges, it has also been a year of many firsts (mom’s day, swimming pool day, play date, first word, first birthday, first steps…),long walks with babyJ, short nights with babyJ…went back to Africa and my beloved Argentina and Uruguay as I started working in the ‘MotherShip’ of my career, and of course I started the never ending game of juggling as a mother, professional and just a woman in all…

I want to dedicate this post to the people who has shared and supported me along this very wonderful year, to Nicolas for his patience, patience and love, my father for making the effort to stay here with the cold weather just to not miss so many firsts! to Maritza for showing me the actual meaning of friendship beyond family matters! To Sofia and Yhmen for your love and happy times, to help me to not forget ‘I am just a girl’…and last but not least Vanessa to have opened her heart and jump in the crazy ride of being a member of this crazy family 😉

To the rest of family for being there for me in the distance my cousin Rubi and my aunt Flerida always with open ears to my telenovelas…

Also to those who made me live unpleasant moments thanks for helping me growing stronger and wiser!

I hope 2014 bring us another chance to be better, stronger and courageous to take the actions and opinions this world need, we all have to make the effort to speak out our believes and make honour to our planet and all the blessings it give us everyday!

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