Hello everybody!
Yes I know it has been ages, too busy with work, traveling and babyJ.

We have taken Easter break and drove all the way to the north-center region of France more precisely to the valleys of the Loire river where my in laws have a beautiful house…

The region is the real French campiña and I am always amazed with the castles and gardens and the agricultural power of the region but never expected to find such lovely Zoo at la Flèche town, not far from Le Mans (http://www.zoo-la-fleche.com) that has mastered the art of recreating beautiful habitats for the various and well groomed exotic animals they host.

Giraffes, kangaroos, white lions, monkeys, tigers, tucanos… Are just a few of all species available, but the best is the polar bear which is so friendly and it is amazing how you can exchange with him thanks to the exhibit’s design.

The combination between local trees and exotic ones made me really feel somewhere else and for moments I was standing in the middle of Africa.

I grew in a town with one of the most beautiful zoo of my dear Venezuela, once again I see how good we were and we let it all get destroyed…

Although I am very lucky to be able to visit these kind of places my heart always hurts thinking we could have the same and even more if we would have the real will of being top class of the world…