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Wau! It’s been quite a long time…

Two boys, a Dog and a man have turned into a complicated task most of the time…

So what’s new?

Here I am at the end of my maternity leave, with many antagonist emotions running through my head, the thrill of going back to business while sobbing my heart out as I will have to stop spending my days with the boys.

To give me some closure and get ready for this new phase, we came to my in laws at the Loire’s region, also in the ocassion of celebrating Easter (although I am the only believer)…

We went to the zoo BeauVal (www.zoobeauval.com) which is amazing, yet it was a bit too soon in the season so the cold made the visit a bit short, nonetheless we had a blast watching the exotic birds, African animals and of course the Pandas!!



Then we came back to Tours and after stopping for some super yummy Easter nougattine’s egg and an incredibly delicious Paris-Brest at Jean Michel Cailleaux Chocolatier (02 47 64 29 43). We stopped by the Cathedral, as I am trying to create a little tradition my parents had of visiting seven temples on Easter Friday.


  Of course Easter can’t be finished without attending to the mass on Sunday, followed by my classic best buttermilk pancakes brunch ( http://www.marthastewart.com/318689/best-buttermilk-pancakes) egg hunting and a walk around the Marcon lake and running after Julien of course!








After all Easter is about family, rebirth and embrace the presence of God, and what better way than being surrounded by nature and tons of chocolate!