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As we all know I have not been very active in my tasting activities lately, but a few moths ago an article in the Swiss press saying that a certain Geneva based restaurant called The Burger Foundation was serving one of the best burguers ‘of the world’ ummmm that called for a challenged.

Naive I was thinking that actually eating one of those famous burguers was going to be an easy taks… Although the main restaurant is close to my workplace, having a burguers at lunch was not really my ideal set up… 

They do have a truck serving at Plainpalais on Sunday’s so I told Nico let’s try them… He went for it and when arriving to the seamingly empty line the clerk told him as per him ordering the famous  burguers in a very arrogant mode: ‘what? Don’t you know there is a least 45 minutes wait for us to accept new orders’ that was the end of the first try….

Then it came the Geneva Street Food Festival, the waiting line was so long that we did not even thought stopping by, that was it for second try and getting more curious about the whole burguer thing…

Finally, last Sunday we managed to get only a 25 minute wait while paying a crazy amount of 60 CHF (62 USD) for three street served burguers with only two side French fries portions, Cole slaw salad and no drinks… But this time the cute metisse girl at the counter was nice (Julien was very charmed)

The best burguer in the world….ummm Let’s see:

So, cute wrapping but nothing fancy or branded, therefore major savings in packaging.  

The cole slaw salad was good, but nothing exceptional.

I have to admit the burguer has a true ‘American’ feeling and the meat grilling is actually well executed. Real mustard (not that French version that I hate in burguers) and honest pickles. I guess it would be a piece of heaven for an American expat in Geneva….

But since I am a Venezuelan, a place where the ‘asquerositos’ have mastered the art of creative, right on the moment, eat on your own risk burguers. I don’t think that I will be queuing to eat at the Burguer Foundation anytime soon.

I believe the city has some other places with excellent burguers, friendly service and less waiting time!

If you are curious to taste these famous burguers check out their website: